Axle undergoes prep work to the welds and a few other areas to get it nice and smooth.
After 2 coats of primer its looking good.
And finally after 2 coats of gloss, its looking very nice. How I'm going to avoid chipping it on reassembly will remain to be seen.
I had the rear calipers media blasted, so much better & easier than a wire brush!
And after waving a magic wand (ok a spray gun) they now look like this.

Time to get back to the detailing on the bodywork again
I am going to remove the moulded in bowls for the headlamps as they are not necessary and I can realign the steel flip front frame to fit better at the same time.

Centre's of bowls are marked and then they are chopped out.
Here you can see where I have chopped off the lamp mounts on the frame and have added 4 layers of glass on the rear of the wings.
I then ground out the top of the wings and added 6 layers of glass in the hollows.

A layer of gelcoat over the top and then flatted off, and they are almost done.