I have previously replaced most of the gutter around the boot aperture where it was rotten, but after media blasting some areas were looking a little flaky where there was not a lot of metal left, so I decided to bite the bullet and chop the rest out and replace it. A new top section has been folded and stretched to shape here.
And all welded in here, (it took longer to do than to type!)
The lower 3" on both sides was chopped out.
And new metal welded back in.
The whole lot was then smoothed out and shot over with a coat of primer.

As the body is just about finished prep wise, I dragged one of the doors out of storage and flatted it off,
here it is with its first coat of filler on it.

After several coats more of filler a guide coat of black has been sprayed on to show where it needs more work.
After rubbing down the guide coat, it needs plenty more filler! the doors are a bit disappointing, as I though they would be straighter. I guess they are 54 years old though, so have probably had a hard time and as a friend pointed out, these were cheap cars in their day and panel fit was probably not the top priority.
Now it has got a coat of primer on it, all is looking good, some slight areas need a little more filler, but its looking sound now.

While the paint was drying I ticked off another job on the list, fitting the earth points to the chassis. I added one on both sides as I am not sure which side I will use yet.