Lots of sanding & filling later and it was ready for a decent coat of primer, there are still places that need more work, but I'm fairly happy with the progress on it.
A & B posts sanded down again, but at last I have primed the door bars.
After loads of hard work, the A post vent area is looking damn fine, even if I say it myself
Been busy priming the inside bulkhead frame and A post area after smoothing and filling all the welds.
Another shot showing the underside of the dash shelf and inside A post.

Painting inside the A posts was difficult, especially the backs of the returns, as for the bottoms of the posts, I just aimed the gun in and sprayed for a while, this seems to have actually worked! all the paint bouncing off the angles has coated the back edges of all the areas, result!!

O/s sill is now covered in filler ready for carving out
Sill is mostly done, B post is now covered in filler as there is a bulge in the panel (black high spot) from the factory, and also some distortion where I welded in the new arch landing strip.
After a load of sanding and some work with a planishing hammer, I have managed to get rid of the bulge and lower the high spots in the front of the rear wing, so a coat of primer is shot over to see how it all looks.

Primer coat highlighted a lot of areas that needed more work, so its all blocked down again here for more filler work. While tapping a high spot down on the sill it split the weld, so the welder had to come out of storage again to fix it.