After hours of prepping the interior metal, some primer has now gone on to the roof and rear inside panels and the rest of the cage.
This is only the first coat, two more to go, though some bits will need to be done by brush, as I cant get the spray gun into the tight corners or around the back of some of the cage and window returns.
The second coat is black, this makes it much easier to see where I have painted, saves missing bits.
Third coat, grey again. This only needs prepping later for the gloss grey that will be the colour of the inner panels when done, though this will all be covered with trim, so wont be visible.
The dash gets a quick guide coat of black primer, still plenty of work in this area yet.

Lots of fillering and sanding got it to this stage,

Now the lower roll cage spreader bar has been blended into the lower part of the dashboard, this completes the dash now.
Nearside sill is liberally covered in filler ready for it to be carved into a proper sill shape.
After sanding most of the filler off a guide coat of primer went on to see how it all looked. More work is still needed, and the A post is getting a good seeing too as well.

Prepping and filling the A post, sill and B post, third layer of filler & primer seen here, but it's getting there.