Rear corner panel is nearly done here, some high spots to knock off still, but I'm pretty pleased with it. The flexible sanders made this job a breeze.
The front of the chassis was cleaned up and prepped, and 2 coats of primer laid on.
A marathon filler session saw the roof generally the right shape now, a steel rule flexed to the roof shape helps lay the filler on at the correct curve to save loads of sanding later.
More filler goes on, carving the roof from it now, lol! Most will probably end up on the floor though.
After sanding all the filler back, a coat of primer is laid on to see how it all looks. Several areas still need addressing, but I'm getting there.

All rubbed down again, with new filler being added.

All the low spots become apparent as the flexisanders block sand the roof, trying to flat the roof without these would be 1000% more work!
Another coat of primer goes on, its looking damn good now, passenger side still needs more work and the gutters need internally smoothing out, but I'm nearly there now.
Moving on to the rear valence, its filled and block sanded here.

A coat of primer confirms its beautifully flat, just the side areas on this to do now.