Now the doors have gone off for media blasting, I found time to finish off the electric window motor plates. These are originally from a Rover SD1. I made up some 'stand off's' to space them away from the doors and welded them to the plates, then the link arms have been shortened and they are fixed to the original Anglia window mechanisms, thus keeping it all simple.
Car is now being stripped down prior to going off to the media blasters to get the body blasted.
Rear of wooden skate with metal tie-ins to the rear suspension points.
A momentous day!! The car finally makes its trip to the media blasters, where it will get completely stripped inside & out, and will return in pristine steel.
Dropped off at the blasters; where Jamie (owner) showed me some of his work, which is very impressive, so it is in safe hands there. He also said my welding was good, which is nice

The doors have now been blasted by Elliot at Eltec Metal Finishing contact Elliot
and they look great!

Elliot is a really nice guy, and is very reasonably priced, he is a specialist in doing panel work without distortion, and I can highly recommend him.
The shell is now back from the blasters, its covered in a zinc phosphate etch primer, which is why it looks black in places.
The blasting work is excellent, no distortion anywhere, and no paint left at all, even in the nooks and crannies, I'm very impressed with their work and can thoroughly recommend them if you want anything stripped yourselves.

A door gets its first coat of epoxy primer.