While the arches are off for prep work, I have used the chance to cut the holes in the rear panel to fit the conduit for the rear light electrics. These will be sealed with adhesive heat shrink to the lamp units, and are sealed to the body by the gland fittings all totally waterproof, so no wet electrics.
Rear arches all prepped and first coat of primer is laid on, some minor work still needed, but looking good.
The passenger rear wing has a curve in it that curls it in towards the tyre. I had originally fixed this with wooden dowels glassed into the wing, but the tyre rubbed them when we loaded it onto the trailer, so I have replaced them with some glass panels that I laid up, these are far better/stronger, and have more clearance.They will have holes bored into them for drainage later.
I also made some moulds and laid up these wire sheathing holders, these will be glued onto the flip front to hold the wiring for the indicators.
After some deliberation over exactly where they look best, the indicator lights are now fitted to the front.

Rear wings are all primed up now, along with a few wheelie bar parts.

Adding two extra mounts to the scoop, this will hold the bonnet tighter to the middle area.
Rear wings get their first coat of stonechip to the inside, the holes are now drilled in the ribs.
2 layers of stonechip and 2 layers of gloss later....

The extra middle mounts are now all glassed in, and it has all been smoothed off and a layer of flowcoat is painted on here prior to painting.