Another part of the flip front that did not fit is the swage line on the drivers side. It was about 3/8" too high at the body. After reinforcing the back of the area with extra glass fibre, I ground off the line, re marked it in the correct place and am now in the process of building it back up in glass again.
This requires a mould to be taken from the original shape so I can use this to bond glasspaper to, so it can be used to sand the correct profile back into the new glass. There are 3 layers of masking tape under the release tape, this allows for sandpaper thickness.
The same applies to the wheel arch lip, to get the correct profile over the repairs to the damaged lip (which you can see at the rear edge of the arch).
As it was such a warm day today I prepped and painted some of the ally panels and bits while the fibreglass work was setting, this is all epoxy primer, one of the few paints that will stick to aluminium.
I have been busy on the new swage line, and got it in primer tonight. It needs more work in the middle as it's not quite straight, but it lines up with the body perfectly now so I'm pretty pleased with it.

Started to try to fit the snowplough front tonight, 2 hours of trimming back and it it doesn't........grrrrr.........
Its going to need a fair bit of slicing to get it to sit correctly, I reckon this is going to be a bit of a mammoth job.

Attacked it again today, I found it fitted best on the outer corners which leaves a rather big gap in the middle.
I also discovered that from above the drivers wing is further back by the nose than the passenger one, so even more work needed, ho-hum.
Plenty of slits have been cut into both pieces to get them to fit, but i think there will be plenty more cut in yet.
A totally gratuitous shot of the car to cheer myself up.
Lots more slicing and clipping today saw it at this stage, slow work as I have to wait for it to set properly (24 hours) before I can move on to the next bit, not like welding.

After adding a few bridging sections that I made up from casts taken off the spoiler, its on to the first few layers on the rear. These will be ground down and then the entire lower section will be glassed in as a whole for strength.