Then tacked it up prior to seam welding it.
2 hours later all welded up & ground off, then trimmed back to fit. A skim of filler will blend it
in nicely, a job well done.
The flip front wings curl into the front tyre's at the back of the arches, so need some support. After a few hours of prototypes, this is the result.
It has to bolt to the chassis, and also fit around the headers, while still allowing clearance for the front tyre.
All completed on both sides.

The drivers side front wing is at a lower angle than the passenger side, so the wheel arch needed to be raised to clear the tyre on full lock. Here it is drawn out and the section removed.

Clipped back into place to get an idea of the amount the arch needs to be blended to get the arch round again.
Centre section is clamped into place as the first layer of glass is bonded to the rear.
All glassed up on the rear with 3 layers, and ground out on the front with another 3 layers let in there too. Its filled and smoothed now, waiting for the shovel nose to go on.

After a coat of primer it reveals a flat ridge all round, but this should be relatively easy to re-shape.