Another area where surgery is needed is here, as you can see the wing is not as curved as the body, so a quick slice in the wing....
.........and some braces fitted, it is all glassed up in the correct shape.
The new flange is shaping up now,
The first 3 layers now on, so it can be clipped into place for further work.
The flange is now completed, I will add more glass layers to the whole wing as I think its a little thin in places.
I will need to glass in the gap on the outside and blend it in, but at least the wing fits good now, just the other side to go, but that is a better fit than this one.

The wing is all glassed up now, with some filler work done also. A little more to do before painting, but its essentially done now. Looks good, all lined up with the tyre, and only a finger gap between the two, which fills the arch perfectly.

Take one Pop Brown replica bakelite trim, and cut into seven pieces!
Then cut some grooves into it and glass in some steel pins. When this is set it will be ground down so it can be glassed over on both sides.
The first front frame is now cut down and all glassed over. It will need some filler work to get to the correct shape & smoothness.

Rear frame is also done.