The new vented discs and calipers arrived the other day, so they are now fitted, that's the front end pretty well completed now.
Thanks to John Gumble & Ian Mepy, I now have a set of free roof bows ready for the headlining.
I have not updated for a while due to fine tuning the rear suspension fittings.
I had got one of the axle brackets for the shock absorbers welded on incorrectly, so that was removed and re sited, I also remade one top shock mount for the chassis (the one we did not replace when we re-did the rear end) as it was slightly out of alignment. The Panhard rod has also been altered, which will now have Rose joints at both ends.
The whole rear end is now within 0.2mm tolerance so I am very happy with it, nothing worth photographing though.
Still going through the list of small jobs before the car goes off for media blasting, one of which is the fitting of the 'arooga' horn. I have built a protective cover for the motor part of it as it is going to go under the car by the muffler. This will keep the water & muck off the terminals, as well as provide a heat shield from the exhaust.
Here it is fitted to the chassis under the drivers seat, next to the muffler. I have two horns now, one for normal use in the engine bay, and this one, just for cruisin'.

Another major job is the welding of new metal all around the door frame to cover the original channel where the rope used to go for the trim to nail in to.
The upper section has 4mm threaded inserts fitted into it, and the lower section it is drilled for trim clips.

A closer view of the panel and the trim clip holes.
You can just see the threaded inserts fitted around the upper section of the door frame here.
More modifications are needed as I am going to fit a mega size K&N free flow filter (flows 15hp more than no air filter) so the lower dash panel had to be cut out as shown. A friends 3" filter is mocked up in place of where the K&N one will go when fitted.

The recessed section is finish welded now, with plenty of clearance for the new filter, just need to cut the new ally panel for the front to finish.