The next job on the interior is to cover the steering column & switchgear. I have rolled a steel tube up for the upper section, which is split to 'clamshell' over the column.
A small tube extension will be added for the ignition switch also.
More work, rolling a reducer, and using 3" exhaust pipe for the rest, all also split to clamp on either side of column. (photo upside down for clarity) Just some more trimming & it can be fitted to car.
The shroud is all welded up now, only the lock barrel to be let into the side of it to finish off.
Lock barrel is now welded in, and lower half of the column is assembled for trial fit.
The shroud fitted into the car, some small fillets will be added to close up the switchgear holes to tidy it up.
Its now all painted and fitted, and I'm extremely proud of it! It looks almost stock!
It is only painted in black primer at present, and will probably be silver when finished.

I went to Leda Suspension about a month ago, to order these custom built struts. They have just arrived back today, and are very sexy

Of course I had to rush straight out to the garage to fit them, as you do!
Finally, suspension that works and with proper travel.
I can now sort out the correct steering rack geometry, as we did not fit this correctly when we re-did the front end. I knew this, but was waiting for the proper struts before tackling the job.
The rack needed to be moved forward about 1.5" so the steering arms are parallel with the A arms.
As you can see here they are now in a nice straight line.
A close up of how it should look for correct steering geometry.

This is also how it should look from the front, the steering arms should be parallel to the wishbone arms, and ideally they should be as close to level to them as well, but this is as close as you will get without the rack behind the wishbones.
You will see here that to get the correct angles it required some chassis mods!