Today I mostly spent faffing around with the passenger door hinges to get them to fit properly, the upper one was out of alignment, so my friend Wayne came over with his Oxy kit and we heated & bent it till it was in line. After he had left I found that the lower one was now out of line, so lots of heating & bending till it eventually lined up.

After that I finished off what I had started the other night, the battery kill switch.

This is mounted in the dash, so the power cable from the boot will come over the roof & down the A pillar to the switch, then on down to the starter. This also has an ignition kill and alternator protection circuit
built into it.
The positive cable will run in conduit around the roof, fixed with several of these tabs welded on the inside of the gutter rails along the roof line.
All the trunking is now fitted, on both sides as the main loom will follow the same path on the other side of the car.

Moving forwards I have finally come up with a design for the inside of the A posts that I like. You have no idea how long this has been bugging me!

The inner panel will be in ally and be removable, the returns from the outer wing will have folded edges with rivnuts fitted for this purpose.


As I can't do any more on the A posts until I take the engine out (and I'm off skiing in 2 days) I thought I would do a job I have been putting to one side, that is the hose clamps for the heater hoses.
This is the design I came up with, and it will mount to a bracket welded to the side of the radiator to hold the hoses in place so they do not stress the matrix pipe inlets.

This is the final design, all in aluminium (as it looks so much better than steel) and bolted to the plate on the radiator.
The engine & gearbox are now out and I can get on with the inner A post panels. New metal has been added to the top of the wings and a cardboard template made for the removable inner panel, which will be made of aluminium.
New steel will be added at the bottom of the wings as well, which will be the next job.
The inner panel is beginning to take shape now, with the first few fixings welded in place. This will be a long and tedious job, as it requires the garage fairies to hold the metal in place while I weld it in, except the ally panel is in the way, which is why its tedious!

This picture shows where the new metal will need to be added (and more of the old replaced *sigh*) to finish off the A post.