When I tried to fit the flush valves into the rear rims, the valve holes were too big, as they are originally designed for inner tubes for if you are running slicks.
This necessitated me having these aluminium collars machined up, with a rubber washer fitted, so I could fit a 10 mm stainless allen bolt in the original hole.
This leaves a tidy button head allen bolt on the outside, so I can drill the rim opposite for the flush fit valves.
I have also sprayed the inner surfaces with 2 pack epoxy primer for protection.

The rear rims polished up again. This took ages and was back breaking, as they were damaged from all the grinding sparks from car building.

I will cover them up in future!!!

Going back to the boot area, I got sidetracked by the light lenses sellotaped onto the wing, so I thought I ought to fit them properly before they fell off and got broken. A quick half hour with the Dremel soon sorted this.

Back in the boot, the fuse panel has now had all the tabs welded to the body,and is now finished.

I have re-designed (again!) the fuel tank mounting, and have built this aluminium frame for it to mount into. The 'T' design allows more room for the springs/shocks, and also makes fitting the boot floor panels easier. It also has the added bonus of being able to remove the upper part for access to the shock absorber upper bolts without disturbing the rest of the boot area.

The fuel tank fitted, with the two side panels bolted in using rivnuts. I just need to make the top section and the small filler piece to finish off.

Just the side panels to make and fit, and the boot area will be completed.

A quick shot of the polished rims back in the wings, not too good quality, I will try to roll it out of the garage for a proper side on shot sometime.

Today I made up the new trans cooler mounts, 8mm tube with solid plugs welded into the ends, drilled & tapped for 5mm threads. This bolts through the rad shroud and the cooler mounts on tabs with 6mm rivnuts in them.