This is the removable battery tray with an 'Ultima' battery fitted.
The battery wedges in on the other side, and will have a bolt down clamp fitted on this side just like modern cars.
It is a gel filled cell, and totally sealed, so it does not need to be fitted into a battery box.
The lower boot area is also now fitted out in ally panels, with a tool area under the centre section between the hinges.
Here you can see the tool area, with the hinged flap open, the metalwork in the middle is the towing hook support.
This is a close up of the tow hook support, it is not yet welded to the rear chassis rail. When it is finished it will only leave a small amount of metal protruding when the tow hook is not bolted on.
This is all that pokes through the rear valence when the tow hook is not in use, the standoffs will protect the paintwork when the towing ball plate is bolted through.

The boot interior is almost done now, only the side panels to be made when I have fitted the metalwork for the fuse board, and other items that will live over the wheeltubs area.

At the front I have had a towing bar machined up and fitted, to which a Renault towing eye can be screwed in via the cranking handle hole, handy for being towed in the pits (or when it breaks down!!).
The metalwork for the fuse board is now going in, it is only wedged in here, it will be bolted to small tabs so it will be able to fold down for easy access for repairs/alterations etc. The black blocks to the side are where all the relays will mount.
The wiring loom is an 18 circuit Painless kit, which is very high quality, I am very pleased with it.
The battery tray is now completed & painted, with the battery hold down clamp on the side.

I have had the tyres removed from the front rims to cure the pressure loss, they have been painted with epoxy primer inside & on the rear face, which will seal any possible porosity in the aluminium, and also fitted the stainless flush fit valves.
The tyres will be re-seated with proper sealer this time, so I should have no pressure loss in future.