The rear floor is now finished, and the handbrake mechanism modified yet again!! to fit in its new location.
At last I have found some mufflers that fit ok. They almost look like side pipes!!
They are stainless open chambered glass packs, so should sound pretty impressive :o)
Chassis is now drilled both sides and some CDS tube welded in for access holes for the fuel & brake pipes.
Chassis looks pretty poor with all the rust on it, but will be off to the media blasters in the near future, so should look better than new then.
Fuel lines are all plumbed in now, just need to sort out the pickup into the tank and that's it for that job.
They are braided at the rear, leading to hard pipes to the front, where it goes back to braided, to the regulator.....
....mounted on the bulkhead here, with a rather nice engine turned pressure gauge leading to the carb.

Since the last photo of the radiator & fan, I now have changed it all!!
The radiator has now moved forwards again, to allow for a super powerful Volvo fan to be mounted in a special frame I constructed. This is better than the Ford Scorpio 'pusher' fan that I used to have in front of the rad. This fan really can haul some air!!!
Of course this also meant re-mounting the heater housing in front of the rad, as well as new mounts for the transcooler.....

The braking system is the next job, here is the line lock mounted to the chassis, with temp hard lines put in. There is an aluminium shield around the brakes to keep the dirt and also the heat from the mufflers away, as they will only be a few inches away.
This will be louvred when it is finished.
The stainless braided lines going in to the rear end. Also shown is the pressure activated brake light switch.
Finally I have got round to adding the double shear plate to the panhard rod axle mount as well.
I have now got my blue Samco silicone hoses fitted, but no stainless clamps as yet. These are very soft & easy to cut, but damned expensive!!

The new inner wings are now being made up, a bit tricky round the headers, but I don't want all the spray on rainy days going all over the block & especially the plug leads.

Before any of you ask,...NO! those are only temporary upper strut fixings until I order the new longer struts.