The completed front suspension!! We now have full travel with no binding and proper geometry.
Also it has anti-dive geometry built in, and all at a super low height.
You can just see the notched chassis rail in this shot, to allow for full travel.
The next task will be the fitting of the new narrowed steering rack.

It is now off the chassis jig and raised up for all the underneath welding to be finished off.
One more weekend and it all should be done.
One seriously narrowed rack!!
This is all finished now, we just have to notch the chassis rails to clear the steering arms, and heat & reshape the tie rod arms to the correct angle.
The front suspension finished here, the chassis rails need some tubing to be welded in where it is notched, but otherwise done.
A closer view of the notched area, a bit more dressing out and the reinforcing tubes can be welded in.

Side profile now it is back on its wheels, the rear is 1" too high at present as I put the bolts through the wrong adjuster holes on assembly.

The car is now back home, with all the work finished. I am indulging myself with the next three photos, as it's the first time in years that the car has been outside and in the street!
Oooh don't it just look sooooooo great?
Nice 'n low! seems a shame to fit rear fenders!!

I have now cut off the flip front mounts and re-done them as they had twisted over when we straightened the chassis out. They are now all in alignment again. I have also finished the steering rack mounts, and I am now moving on to re making the aluminium rear floor to fit the new chassis rails.