The Pop is now over at good friend, Wayne's garage, it has been mounted on the chassis jig and set up at ride height.
It will live here for the next few weeks as we completely re-do the rear and front suspensions, and also narrow the chassis at the front for better steering and also to eliminate the twist that is present at the front of the chassis.
Are'nt plasma cutters great?
Enormous fun was had cutting out the chassis rails here!
I love tools!!!
Passenger side also cut out.
You can see the old peices of chassis on the floor,the jig on the chassis bed is set for the rear axle to rest in position (it is also welded to the bed rails) this is set for the correct height/location for when we make the new 4 bars.
The new chassis rails being started here. 
the new rails are welded and offered up into position, we will now trim the tubs and the original rails to suit before trimming a small section off the front edge to allow for more seat travel.

The next job will be to open up the rear edge of the rails for the side plates to be added for the 4 bar mountings.

Its now Christmas eve, so no more work for a few days, we hope to get this part finished before the new year though!


Had a good Christmas, back to work now, these are the finished chassis rails complete with all the suspension fixings. We incorporated the fixings inside the rails to try to get a reasonable length to the 4 bars as they are quite short, these Pops are small cars!

The left side fully welded in.

The right side also fully welded, tomorrow we will sort out the shock mounts and hopefully the panhard rod. At last, I have a straight and accurate rear chassis that will work correctly :o)
Bit of a hiccup with progress as I found myself in the casualty dept of the local hospital after doing the recent work, seem to have got a peice of metal in my eye from all the grinding, and YES I was wearing protective goggles!!!

Anyway, I am recovered now, and we have been cracking on with it. Above and right show the 4 bars now fitted with the new panhard rod also in place.