The replacement door pins were too loose, so I made these ones up in stainless steel, which I'm pretty pleased with.
New Holley fuel pump and regulator, more on these bits soon............
New dual master cylinder brakes mocked up on new metalwork prior to fitting in the car.
The old single master cylinder was no good since converting to disc brakes at the rear, also I do not need a servo with this setup, which saves space.
New brakes mocked up in car, unfortunately this now upsets the brake pedal position, the only solution will be to move the throttle pedal to match up, as the brakes have minimal travel clearance as it is, these cars are just too damn small :o(
Brakes are now fitted, with an adjustable pedal stop fitted into the forward brace.

Unfortunately after fitting, the balance bar rubbed on the lower edge of the chassis, so I had to notch the chassis to give clearance, nothing is ever easy!!

I have since realised that the pedal position is fine, so will not have to alter the throttle pedal after all.
A reminder shot of the 4 link (diagonal locator not fitted here) which is about to be modified to have rose joints fitted.
One of the heaviest objects known to man, the Ford 9" rearend!!!
Even narrowed, it still weighs a ton!!!
The 4 bar links prior to machining, with the rose joints and the new left hand threaded rod ends.
Mmmm.... my new Pozi LSD diff unit, yum :o)

Unfortunately my narrowed half shafts do not fit it as they were machined to fit the old pumpkin, which must be a bit worn, oh well, it gives me an excuse to order some nice Moser shafts from the America!!!!

Bit of a bad time in the garage of late, found out that the rear suspension is no good for the street, the chassis has a twist in it (fortunately in the front) and the front suspension could be better too.
This is all done by professional chassis builder, I think he built me a race car only, not quite sure what he thought I wanted from it, oh well just have to cut it up and do it again!