A bit more rot in the front section of the doors, this is pretty rotten on the inner frame which has crept through to the outer skin. 
You can see here just how good the inner frames on the bottom of the doors are. They are lightly rusted, but that's it!!
Otherwise they are as solid as the day they left the factory, amazing!!
The rotten area on the inside of the front of the doors is now completely cut out and replaced with fresh steel.
This had to be done on both doors.
The main section of the drivers door is cut out and the new skin is tacked in, this will have to be done carefully so as to avoid distortion. 
This is it when finished, a small skim of filler and it will be all done.
This is pretty well all the rot that needs doing on the passenger door, there is another bit about 1" square that needs doing, but that is all.
Still can't believe how good condition they are!!!
I got a little sidetracked and have been building the new roof insert. I have now got nearly all the switch holes cut & the switches fitted, only the window switches, stereo, and warning led's to fit now.

I think it looks pretty sexy, dont you?
 I have cut out the upper door hinge area on the drivers side now, and will remake all of that as I did on the passenger side, you can see how much has been removed here, it will be a lot stronger when re-done.
Also I will fit the "Magnum Shooters" into the door & weld up the front A post vent.
I am going to fill in the unsightly 'missing' bits of door skin by the hinges (seen here) with new metal, as I think this looks quite ugly as stock. 

This is the hinge area now half done, it needs a back plate (roll cage side) to finish, but its all fresh steel now, (6mm plate behind hinge) and is completely solid.

Apart from double skinning the inner A posts (after body sandblasting) that will be the (steel part) of the body finished, Phew!!
......Unless I can find any more bits.......like the door gaps.......uh,oh!