The sill is now tack welded in with all the top section removed & chucked in bin!
Lower sill supports can also be seen here.
The first section of new metal formed up & tacked in.
All new metal is now welded in and welds ground back.
The next job after the sills will be this, the (very) rusty wheel arch mounting flange. This side is a bit of a mess at the moment :o(
A close up of the previously repaired sections (this will all be removed and fresh steel put in) and also the extent of the rot in there. Its not good, and will be much harder than the other side.
I decided I would finish the door before starting the wheelarch, so I offered up the door top, which did not fit at all. I had to reshape the hinges to pull the door forward in the door frame as it was too near the inner frame at the rear. Then I had to pie cut the door top in 6 places to stretch it & try to fold it inwards to clear the door frame.
I also had to grind off a large amount of the door edge to get the required clearance too. It is now tacked in place waiting for the front section to be made. It doesent look too bad so far.
Zoom forward two days, and......Door chop is now finished!
With a quick coat of black paint to check it all looks straight (it does).
Got a bit carried away with the paint thing!! decided to spray a quick coat over nearly everything till the gun emptied, its got to be sandblasted anyway, so it does not matter. So here's a few shots of recent work with paint on.
The newly made sill looks pretty good now, even without any filler.
 Kinda looks finished now! bit of a waste of time, but a real visual boost to encourage me to keep at it, looks good to me and it's not even straight yet.