To get a heater in the car has been a bit of a nightmare ~no space!, but I have finally solved the space problems by moving the radiator back 5" and mounting the heater fan & matrix in a custom made aluminium shroud seen here . The rad has now also been rubber mounted as has the trans cooler in front of the fan.
Another angle where you can see the rubber mounts on both radiators, the fan is from a Ford scorpio (Air con fan) and is extremely powerful, so should keep the hot Chevy nice & cool.
(foam dummy heater housing seen here)
Right hand side view showing the outlets for the flexible hoses which will run along the chassis rail to the bulkhead.
This shows another piece that I have been working on, the new column stalks and rolled aluminium column shroud. The shroud will continue down to the bulkhead. You will begin to understand why I could not get a heater in the car from this shot & the next, the back of the heads are only about 1" from the bulkhead, and the trans takes up quite a bit of room too!
As you can see there is barely room for my feet, once the trans tunnel is fitted, and the ignition lives on the bulkhead. The big setback of the engine should give good handling & weight transfer for the strip when finished, as much as a Pro Street car can have good handling!! but is a right pain for fitting everything in.
I have now cut the new holes in the dashboard for the gauges, and welded up the old ones, the tach has now also been moved to mount on the column as it masked the speedo in its old position.
There will be four more gauges in the roof console as well.
Here you can see where I have now added screen vents from the heater, these will have polished aluminium covers on when finished.
Following on from the heater housing, the flexible tubes run along the chassis (see below) to an aluminium section that runs up the bulkhead (an extra section will also run across as well for the foot vents) with flexible pipes then running up to the dash floor & on to the screen vents.
Another view showing the tubes which will run along the chassis, (these will probably be replaced with an ally section in the middle) leading into the hollow section on the bulkhead.
The latest bit of work is a long put off job, which was cutting out the whole of the rear wheel arch mounting area, and replacing it with new metal, as seen here. I now have the happy job of grinding all the welds back down,.....mmmm....can't wait.
The wheelarch is now all ground back & I have moved on to finally fitting the wipers. I have modified 'Mini' wiper spindles to take the old style stainless steel wiper arms, and also modified the 'Mini' wiper motor from a 90 degree sweep to 120 degrees. The wiper motor will live in the roof behind the roof console.

The car has now been turned round in the garage so I am now tackling all the same problems with the bodywork on the passenger side.