Another shot showing trial fit of panels, flip front is only balanced on so far. 
After the next two shots I had a break for over two years :o( as I bought a house, then had to build a garage to get the car in. This seriously held up any work, plus I also was rebuilding the house at the same time. This slowed down work considerably for the next 5 years.
Here is an early shot showing seat fitted with 5 point 3" harness, it gonna get raced!!
Since this photo was taken I have now sold this harness and some 5 point 2" harness will be fitted, the 3" were just too impractical for the street.

A much later shot in new garage showing wheelie bars fitted. Also rotten lower panel which needs to be completely replaced.
Early shot in new back garden, garage opens both ends! 
Flip front is now fitted properly, holes trimmed out, formula 5000 scoop and lights fitted.
Rear axle converted to Ford Scorpio discs, this needs very little machining and is very easy. 

New ally fuel tank, made at work, with sender and 3" sealed filler neck.
 Fuel tank mounted in boot, with old rusty floor just about shown at bottom.
New sheet steel floor going in. 
Sills finally fitted, making the car look a lot lower, trans tunnel also can be seen.