Gary's Picnic at Santa Pod (early 1980's) Photos by Mark Harley

'Black Cherry' 32

'Black Cherry' 32.
'Eight Misbehavin'

'Eight Misbehavin'.
'Eight Misbehavin' bonnet

'Eight Misbehavin' bonnet.
'G Force' Mustang

'G Force' Mustang.
'Low Blow' front

'Low Blow' front.
'Low Blow' rear

'Low Blow' rear.
'Mr B' Dodge Super Bee

'Mr B' Dodge Super Bee.
'Trick Corvette'

'Trick Corvette'.
32 and highriding Pop

32 and highriding Pop.
5 window Plymouth

5 window Plymouth.
69 Boss Mustang with rear wing

69 Boss Mustang with rear wing.
69 Mustang

69 Mustang.
70 Camaro

70 Camaro.
American Graffiti copy 58 Chevy

American Graffiti copy 58 Chevy.
Black Minor

Black Minor.
Black T rod

Black T rod.
Black highriding Pop

Black highriding Pop.
Blown Camaro

Blown Camaro.
Blown camaro rear

Blown camaro rear.
GT500 Mustang

GT500 Mustang.
Highriding yellow Pop

Highriding yellow Pop.
Kustom Austin A40

Kustom Austin A40.
Martyn Bonner's 55 Chevy

Martyn Bonner's 55 Chevy.
Morris Minor pickup

Morris Minor pickup.
Orange 55 Chevy

Orange 55 Chevy.
ROD 40!

ROD 40!
Richard Wale's HA Viva

Richard Wale's HA Viva.
Rob Whitwell's 32 coupe

Rob Whitwell's 32 coupe.
Vauxhall FD Victor

Vauxhall FD Victor.
White 57 Chevy

White 57 Chevy.
Winged ' Force' Mustang

Winged ' Force' Mustang.
my dream Model A

my dream Model A.
pair of 56 Chevy's

pair of 56 Chevy's.
red 57 Nomad

red 57 Nomad.
red 57 ragtop

red 57 ragtop.
red 70's Camaro

red 70's Camaro.
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